Telecom (ISSN 2673-4001) is an international open access journal that covers all aspects of the telecommunications field and published quarterly online by MDPI. It welcomes contributions on both wired and wireless communication and publishes reviews, regular research articles, and short communications. This comprises all areas of telecommunications, including but not limited to systems and network architecture, communication systems components design, network management, protocols, software and middleware, security, softwarization, internet, quality of service, uses cases and business impact. More information at:


Telecom invites submissions in a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Communications
  • Protocols and services
  • Softwarization and programability
  • Edge computing
  • AI for communications
  • Internet access and network communication
  • Authentication and access control, Blockchain
  • Physical layer security
  • Identities, security
  • Mobile communications, 5G, 6G
  • Terminals
  • Optical communications
  • Satellite and drone communications
  • Green computing
  • Green networking
  • Electromagnetic optimization
  • Storage
  • Network intelligence
  • Ecosystems and business models
  • Antenna design for communication systems
  • Propagation models
  • Network planning
  • Optimization methods for communication systems
  • User association in networks
  • Spectrum usage and allocation

Multimedia-centric VR/AR service and technolo